Picking the Ideal Roofing Material

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When you decide on having a new home built, or want to renovate an older home’s exterior, it’s vital that you take into consideration the many different roofing materials you have at your disposal, the different companies you can choose from, and the overall experience you decide to go with. The roofing materials vary greatly from product to product, but in general, there are a few top choices to choose from, depending on your circumstances such as where your home is located, the age of your home, and a few other factors.

It’s important when choosing your roofing material that you take the time to ask a few questions, such as:

  • Is the roofing material heavy? Will specific framing be required to support it?
  • Does the material come in a variety of different colors and designs?
  • Will the roofing material I choose meet the different fire codes in my area?
  • Will the roofing material constitute any special installation processes or ongoing maintenance?

Once you’ve gone through and squared out those questions, you’ll have a more broader idea of what material to pick from.

Asphalt Shingles

The most often shingle variety found around the country, and for good reason. They are convenient, quick, and affordable to install and replace. They can also be supported with varying additional products such as fiberglass, and comes in a large variety of colors. Unfortunately, the major detractor from these common shingle types is the lifespan, as it is typically significantly shorter than other roofing materials.

Clay and Concrete Tiles

If you want a more unique look, and tend to favor more Mediterranean or Spanish based housing designs, these tiles will more than likely be a great fit for you. They are long-lasting, fireproof, and very energy efficient. The major reason many homeowners choose to forgo clay or concrete roof tiles is generally because of their initial cost, their high upkeep, and the weight of the roofing materials, which tend to be extremely heavy, and may require additional framing or support on your home.

Metal Roof Sheets

One of the relatively easy to maintain and lightweight options, metal sheet roofing can be a good choice if you are looking for a roof for your vacation cabin or cottage house. The major downside to these roofing materials is the upfront cost. It can lost a long time, and offers eco-friendly opportunities, but the initial cost can be a large deterrent to most.

Slate Roofing

A more traditional, beautiful look, slate material can be the perfect compliment to your colonial or old french style house. While slate roofing is very durable, fireproof, and can be recycled after its life span, it is extremely heavy and expensive, and will more than likely require additional support and framing for your home.

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Once you’ve chosen the roofing material you desire, it’s important that you go around a variety of contractors to price out the materials prior to installation to ensure that you are receiving the best available price. If you decide to go with a more expensive roofing material such as slate or metal roofing, this tip is even more vital.

Choosing the correct roofing installer can be the difference between a happy ever after ending and a home renovation horror story. A roofing installation company like BNW Builders can be the best option, if you want an experience, professional roofing installation experience.

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