5 Reasons To Choose Fibrex Windows

When it comes to windows, they may be the most important aspect of your house. The size, shape and color of your windows add character to your home. But when considering window options, not all windows are made equal. Fibrex Windows from Renewal by Andersen are made to be sturdy and durable as well as beautiful. Andersen windows combine the best characteristics of wood and vinyl materials. This method of production, has received several patents and is an environmentally friendly process.

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These benefits Fibrex windows are brought to you by Renewal by Andersen replacement windows of Denver who are a part of the Andersen replacement window family that has been operating throughout the United States for over 100 year. They serve most of the Denver area are provide the same energy efficient windows in Colorado Springs as well.

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  1. They are Green

Up to 60% of Fibrex window frames are created from recycled wood. Instead of letting these bits of wood go to waste, the company uses them in combination with a polymer to create a new type of window. This extra wood is turned into wood fiber. Then  it is heated until no moisture is left and the polymer is heated and the two are combined. This forms a whole new material that has the benefits of both materials.

They are also designed to last a very long time, meaning they will not be thrown out anytime soon. By making them a long-lasting alternative, Renewal by Andersen is trying to prevent unnecessary waste and save landfill space. Fiberglass windows, on the other hand are not made this way, and are hard to recycle. This gives everyone an easier mind, as recycling continues to grow and improve.

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  1. Better Than Wood, Fiberglass or Vinyl Windows

Because of the way they are manufactured, these windows nwever need to be repainted painted. The paint is added into the manufacturing process, meaning they will never have to be re-painted. The color is the same throughout the window. Unlike wood windows, you don’t have to worry about  wear and tear, which can eventually make repainting or refinishing necessary. They can last as long as wood windows too, maybe even longer. Wood  windows require regular checks for fungus and termite damage. Renewal by Andersen don’t need these kind of checks. The PVC polymer makes insects and mold a thing of the past.

They are also stronger than vinyl windows, able to hold twice as much weight. Because of this wood/polymer  mixture it is also resistant sun bleaching and flaking, unlike regular vinyl windows. These windows have both the durability of wood with the added protection of vinyl. Significantly better than fibergall windows, which is painted and less durable material. Also these windows have better thermal blocking properties than fibergall windows. Andersen is hoping to change the market by providing a better material with a great price tag.

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  1. Made in the USA

These days, more people throughout the United States are taking pride in renewing American industry and production. Part of this means going out of their way to find product built in the US. This can sometimes be tricky to find and can even cost more but the benefits include supporting the jobs of fellow citizens and typically getting a higher quality product. The entire Renewal by Andersen production process takes place right here in the United States.

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  1. They Can Save You Money

Heating and cooling a home can be expensive, but with these windows you can save some money. They are much better than any aluminum alternative in thermal blocking. This process stops the warm or cold from escaping your house through these window furnishings. They cost less than wood but are better than vinyl windows. Utility bills can be significantly reduces by checking your windows and possibly getting them re-done.

  1. Warranty

Most products we buy have a warranty that protects us from faulty products. Renewal by Andersen is the same. They provide a 20 year non-conditional warranty on their Fibrex windows. This goes beyond what you can normally find and shows the confidence they have in their product. In some cases, you can get an even longer warranty provided by the company installing the new windows. Check your area for these additional warranties.

With these five benefits being just an overview of the properties these windows offer, there is no reason not to look into this product. They offer great savings, durability, and time saving maintenance options. Whether you are creating a new home, or replacing old windows, take a look at Fibrex while you consider the choices in your area.

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